This is a complete dome mapping toolkit built for Touchdesigner 099.


The Dome Projection Toolkit is a set of Touchdesigner hosted tools that allow users to project, align and manipulate multi-projector mapping setups with a high level of detail.


Created as a freelance tool it serves to combine a number of key elements of projection mapping and warping into a single unified experience. 


The toolkit is compromised of:

  • Image keystone

  • Multiple LOD pixel warper

  • Edge masker

  • Virtual projector positioning

  • Virtual projector matrix control

  • Virtual Scene composer


It is a tool that is utilized by practitioners and myself around the world.



for an overview of the product and the parts accessible inside.


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Complete Dome Mapper

  • This tool was built and developed with Touchdesigner099.2018.26540.


    Due processes has been followed to maximize compatibility.

    If for anyreason the software does not appear to work correctly, contact: for assitance.