This is a complete Pixel mapping toolkit built for Touchdesigner 099.


It allows control over the keystone, mapping and masking of a single projected image.

Muliple pixel mapping containers can be combined to create a projection mapping tool.


To use - simply drag and drop the tox into your project and the UI and tools will all be self containing. For precision use, add the master container to your main UI, or attach a window to control that output specifically.




To Setup:
Enter the x and y resolution you want to final image to be rendered at in the custom settings page. 
This can be used to take 1280x720 content to 1920x1080 after mapping but will not guarantee extra quality

To use:
Toggle between the pages to control different aspects of the pixel mapping software

Will allow the user to adjust the corner position of the input

Allows the user to control large groups of pixels at once to offset and adjust their projection

As above, but almost 10x the detail on refinement (much smaller pixel consentration) 

Allows the user to adjust the edge mask of certain images

Turns the masked otput on or off depending on requirements


The input image is processed in the following order:



Professional Pixel Mapping Toolkit for Touchdesigner

  • This tool was built and developed with Touchdesigner099.2018.26540.


    Due processes has been followed to maximize compatibility.

    If for anyreason the software does not appear to work correctly, contact: for assitance.