Introduction to development blogging

As a new feature to the PFP umbrella we are looking to expand from stand alone tutorials and videos.

We had originally looked at expanding into video series and 'courses' but they proved to go against the grain of what viewers wanted and where attention was (this could be down to the content as well mind you...)


Introducing development blogs.

End-End coverage of developments (normally of a more commercial nature than the usual videos) while all aspects of the design, development and implementation covered in blog form where appropriate.

The goal is not to be perfect step-by-step guides to recreating whatever we make, but more of an insight into how to achieve the goals and projects you want by showcasing our methods for success!

Where the majority of coverage will be plain text form, the idea is to select and highlight key elements and issues using our usual video style.

Some rules to the format:

  1. Text that is underlined contain hyperlinks - normally we are trying to give you a bit more information on something we are working with - without detracting from the main content of the post.

  2. Numerical references (00:00 - 00:00) are sending you to a specific section of an accompanying video. Videos will probably be much more raw in style than the usual polished tutorials. So rather than suffer 4 hours of us talking to ourselves we pin point key moments to check out.

So it wouldn't be surprising to see a video about making an audio delay (00:00 - 05:00), in a blog around the creation of an audio effects controller, where we hyperlink out to the reference material for the objects within the controller.

There are some cases where information just cannot be shared, but for the most part - it will be covered here!

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