Programming for People - Call for Creators, Makers (& Breakers!)

Do you make tutorials or videos for creative coding applications? Or do you want to start?

Do you want exposure to a greater audience?

Programming for People is currently one of the biggest single source video suppliers for creative coding software on YouTube. With over 10,000 visitors and 25,000+ minutes of watch time monthly we have, attract and maintain a truly unique audience in the online video world.

Our recently launched sister site learn-in-ten caters to those who want longer form learning experiences, offering deep dives into hyper-niche subjects.

Now in our third year of running we are reaching our capacity for self made videos and tutorials. Currently running the business, it's public engagement and everything else associated leaves us toiling to publish more than a single video a week (our main target).

As an established platform and growth engine we are a YouTube partner and monetized operator. We would love to extend that platform to other, under-served or otherwise un-discovered creators.

Sadly we can’t promise anyone is going to get rich.

What we can offer is a fair revenue sharing platform that allows you to put your content in front of over 2,500 people (and growing) and hopefully make some pocket money for your efforts. Learn-in-ten can offer a platform where you can share your compete tutorial series for a price you set!

What we offer you: Every month we will post public insights into the current standing of the Programming for People channel and its partner sites. You could expect the breakdown to cover the following and look as per below: * Total viewership * Viewer spread * Audience retention * Website clicks * Store visits * Store conversions * Store conversion spread * Total earnings across platform

As a partner, you’ll get specific insights on your video(s) to the same tune as above: * Total viewership * Audience retention (do they watch it all?) * Website clicks (you define the link(s)) * YouTube revenue (total and share) * If applicable * Store interactions * Store conversions * Other earning

Payment: Currently YouTube processes payments based on earning brackets - as soon as the channel receives a payout, you’ll receive your video(s) share of the allotment.

This is currently once per quarter. The more we grow. The more everyone profits. Sooner.

Learn-in-ten is a different processing system. At the turn of every month we will process and send any payments your series have earned. To cater all of this, we want to be as open and flexible for anyone and everyone. So we have a number of options to make sure your content can get in front of our new audience in a way that works for you.

Make your own videos: If you record, edit and render your own content we will simply host it on our platform. 100% of YouTube, and 80% of Learn-in-Ten revenue (minus what ever fees maybe incurred) of what your content makes will be send directly to you.

Have content but it needs work: We will take your footage, clean up the video and audio so it’s presentable and host it. 80% of YouTube, 50:50 split on learn-in-ten earnings.

Have an idea to get started: If you want to take your first bash at video creation and tutorials. We will guide you through the whole process and take care of the cut and edit. 30:70 split on both platforms so we can commit as much time as possible towards helping you!

Sound okay?

If this sounds like something that might suit your style, or have peaked an interest for video creation. Get in touch, lets talk:



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