Online Income Report #01 - January 2019

Programming for People and Learn-in-Ten are online learning resources for the development and education of Creative Coding practices, skills and associated software's.

Founded, operated and ran by Michael McKellar they have become one of the largest single source providers of Creative Coding tuition available online.

Useful Links: - Free online tutorials and products for creative computing - long form, hyper-niche learning for bespoke installation design

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What we did this month:

This was a fairly unique month - we had a bit of time off work thanks to the holiday period so we decided this was the ideal time to launch a whole knew brand of the PFP umbrella.

Learn-in-Ten (.com) is another online tutorial site aimed at longer form educational content - think Udemy for creative computing. Unlike our YouTube library Learn-in-Ten has much stricter quality control and video requirements. All wrapped up into a new learning management system that supports tracked progress and offers a truly unique learning experience. The best content on Learn-in-Ten is paid for per class, unlike our free-to-view one-off tutorials on Youtube.

The reality of starting a new company as well as the content required to launch it took nearly every second of our free time to develop.

The flagship launch title of Learn-in-Ten is an 8 hour, 62 video, 10 lesson (hence the name) series exploring the development of unique dome projection mapping and pixel moving software for live show. Its intense.

At the same time we implemented a complete overhaul of the main PFP website (on which your seeing this), my personal portfolio for MichaelMckellar and generally the generally time consuming commitments that are the holidays!

Company Overview:

This is the main focus of these posts - 100% transparency so here is how our network performed this month.


PFP Uploaded: 8 videos (1.2 hours total)

L-i-T Series: 3 courses (70 videos - 10 hours total)

Instagram: 12 new posts

Facebook: 12 new posts


Watch time: 29.1K (minutes)

Unique Viewers: 9.1K

Most watched videos: "Arduino - Processing: Serial Data" (4.5K minutes)


The Programming for People umbrella websites were viewed:

Programming for People: 903 times by 365 visitors.

Learn-in-Ten: 621 times by (no data) visitors.

Social Media

During the month of January we started a Programming for People Instagram account to help further engage with the community.

Facebook - 98 (+5)

Instagram - 163 (+163)

Twitter - 162 (no data)

YouTube- 2,406 (+131)

Newsletter Subs - 25 (+4)

Income Report

Throughout January 2019 we earned $221.17 from 3 sources. Year to date we have earned $221.17.

In total we had an estimated 3.6k monetized playbacks across YouTube content.

Learn-in-Ten made a total of 20 sales with a gross earning of $588. However, this included the redemption of $414 of coupons/vouchers (mostly for influencers and feedback from industry). If we can keep interest and traffic at the website consistent we expect this to balance out over the coming months.


With the launch we didn't really have much free time. However, somewhere in there I managed to redesign/launch my personal portfolio over at I've also been playing Diablo 3 any chance I get.

Emma ( and I ventured out with friends to explore the more natural side of Austin, TX which as amazing. The weather has been generally colder here so it feels a little bit more like home.

Emma has been working on some pretty exciting things in her own circles, and recently passed 1k Instagram followers as she journals her journey into software development and webdesign (she made the LIT website!).


Even with the launch of learn-in-ten and its flagship course our earnings don't look like retirement anytime soon.

With the growth of the YouTube channel we finally reached the new partner cap for monetization again since being disabled in 2017.

This has a great projection of roughly $200 a year passive income at current channel growth. If we continue at our past projected 150% growth year on year this could be much closer to $400 by the end of 2019.

Planning for Next Month

To accelerate the growth of the channel we are beginning a number of things:

1: This monthly recap

2: opening up a call for contributions to the channel - Get featured on a popular & growing channel with the chance to earn some money for your time.

3: become more aggressive with popular video content vs our current free upload schedule.

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