Programming for People as a brand.

We believe in ultimate transparency.


This page explore Programming for People as a company, brand and the internal tools that help us keep the lights on and content flowing.

PFP brand hierarchy
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Single Parent Company

We operate everything under the Programming for People banner.

There will be clear reference to our presence and work no matter what part of the company you come into contact with.

Brand Management

A single brand allows us to keep you up-to-date with all our work from single points of contact - no need to follow 7 different twitter pages!

Free Expert Tutorials

The core of Programming for People has and always will be free education.
With weekly uploads covering the latest in creative computing.

Unique Video Asset Sales

Sometimes people prefer to buy tools rather than watch videos. To accommodate this we offer a number of the developments from our videos for sale.

Learning Academy 

Learn in Ten is the main commercial arm of PfP. Learn in Ten caters to those who want to nurture more comprehensive skill sets rather than solve specific problems.

Developments take the form of (normally) 10 video series that explore a single development or product in great detail.

Some series have homework, quizzes or other more academic learning tools.

All series will leave the participants with a number of new or refined skills.

Bespoke Products

Sometimes, people want for something that isn't covered by either outlet.
Whether a specific video, series, skill or product.

Some requests fit in with the path of either company and get made as publicly available content.

Some require extra work and warrant additional charge. For these we have Programming for People 'Bespoke'.

And example of PfP_Bespoke is the "Dome Projection Mapper" available in bespoke product store